AO Magnesium Oil Spray 250ml

AO Magnesium Oil Spray 250ml

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Like all Amazing Oils products - the magnesium is organic Magnesium Chloride sourced from mineral lakes in Australia and is applied to the skin. Absorption of magnesium through the skin can be 7-9 times higher than orally and avoids unwanted side effects such as gastric irritation or loose bowels. 


Do you get Back Pain / Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain / RSI?

Most Amazing Oils Magnesium is purchased for Pain Management, although Magnesium is required for many other important biological functions in the Mind and Body.

The usage for pain is quite easy. Simply spray on and rub in wherever the pain is. That said, for Headaches or Migraines, it is better to rub in at the back of the neck, towards the base of the skull. The effects happen within just a few seconds in most cases.

If pain persists you should see your doctor.



Are you still suffering with cramps or restless legs?

For night-time leg cramps or twitching, rub onto the backs of the legs (and the front if you normally have cramping there.) Some customers tell us that they only use the Magnesium when they have cramping and it works really well. However, if you use the Magnesium regularly as part of your everyday health regime, you will not experience any more cramping muscles. Be aware that lack of hydration can also cause cramping so keep your water levels up.



Sleep may be your MOST important health balancer. Are you sleeping well enough?

The problem is that none of the tablets treat the underlying cause of sleeplessness. Additionally, they can remain in the bloodstream the next day resulting in an all-day ‘fogginess.’ Magnesium calms the Central Nervous System and allows for restful sleep free of any side-effects. When we lose sleep, we lose our emotional balance which induces more stress.

Simply spray or roll-on the Magnesium Oil and rub onto the tops of your feet 20 minutes before bed for deep, relaxing sleep without any negative side-effects.


With almost all pain, the trick is to apply at the point of pain and rub in. This is not the case with headaches and migraines. You need to rub the oil into the back of the neck and up into the hair line. If required, a little can be rubbed into the temples.

Although Amazing Oils does work symptomatically (when the pain is coming on,) it is far more effective (especially with migraines) when used daily, when it actually prevents the migraine from starting by dispelling platelet aggregation in the principal blood vessels.

Causes of Migraine

Current medical thought is that there is a mis-firing or miscommunication of neurons between the different parts of the human brain. This results in the release of particular neuro-chemicals which cause massive inflammation in the brain-stem as well as platelet aggregation in the principal venous vessels. Another clue is that serotonin deficiency can cause migraines (AND depression.) Serotonin balance in the brain is entirely magnesium dependant. Magnesium, when used symptomatically on the back of the neck/base of the skull, relieves the inflammation and disperses the platelet aggregation. This is if it is caught early enough. It is far better to use the magnesium oil preventatively, daily, a tiny amount is enough to prevent the migraines from beginning in the first place.

If pain persists you should see your doctor.


See pain control (above.) Recently a customer with a shoulder tendon tear said that the pain-free benefits were lasting for less time.

He is an athlete and I explained that he is constantly using up his Magnesium reserves. I asked him to spray his shoulder three times a day-even (and especially) when he had no pain. This would enable him to build up his levels of Magnesium so that the tear could have the opportunity to repair itself.

Within 24 hours he was out of pain and saying he had a full 360 degree motion in his shoulder.

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