Apicare Protect Me B/W L/B 4.5g

Apicare Protect Me B/W L/B 4.5g

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This natural lip balm has a SPF15 to protect your lips from sun and wind. Made with pure New Zealand beeswax,natural plant oils, UMF15 Manuka honey, Propolis and Tea Tree oil to help heal dry and cracked lips. This formula stays on hour after hour giving long lasting moisture and protecting lips in all weathers. Anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil & propolis give anti- bacterial benefits while the Peppermint oil gives that tangy tingle you feel when you first apply.

Key Benefits:

  • A non-petrolatum lip balm based on natural ingredients.
  • SPF15 added for extra sun protection.
  • Contains therapeutic healing essential oils.
  • This lip balm really will repair badly damaged lips
  • Water repelling properties of beeswax help to sustain the sunscreen action for longer, and its elastic properties make it the ideal protective emollient for really staying on lips.

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